Thursday, June 16, 2011

Learning Together

As part of our Community Arts Project we had the opportunity to learn more about phototgraphy from Middle MMY. They came to our classroom and taught us what they know about photography. After listening to the children we discovered that there are three different views that we can use to take a photograph and make a photograph look more interesting.
1. Worm's Eye View (this view makes something look bigger)
2. Bird's Eye View (this view makes something look smaller)
3. Middle View (we use this view the most)
We also learnt that you use a zoom to bring things closer or move them away. An important piece of information that we now know is that we have to take our time and be very still when we take photographs otherwise they will be blurry. We have to turn ourselves in to a bipod and have chicken wings to capture the best image that we can.
After listening to our mentors we then went outside and had a go at taking photographs using the three different views.
We had a great time learning with the Middles and now we are going to teach our parents how to take fabulous photos!

 Worm's View

Middle View
Bird's Eye View


Mrs Coffa said...

It makes me wonder how the students felt? How did the year 3/4 students feel when they taught the younger students? What did the younger students think about learning from the older kids ?

Learning Together said...

What a great idea! Experts sharing their learning and skills. You all look very professional and I'm sure the Juniors have learnt alot today!
I wonder what makes a good 'teacher'? What did the Middles do to help you learn about photography and how to take a good photo?
Amazing work and great collaboration!
From Mrs Kennedy

Vgridley said...

How fabulous learning all those amazing digital photography skills from the older students. I can't wait till we get to learn some of these tricks of the trade also.
We look forward to seeing some of your photos.
Well done junior D
Mrs Verona Gridley

Anonymous said...

Hi Kids!
I have just discovered your lovely blog and the great things you do! I'm going through and reading old posts about some of the super inquiries you have done. I love the different ways the ideas are presented and the real learning that's happening in your class!!
Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to pass on some of the ideas to teachers at my school.

Anonymous said...

The Middles reply!
Chloe: It was great fun to share our knowledge with the Juniors because it's good to swap roles and be the teacher. We should do it more often!While you are teaching, you learn as well. Also, it's nice to be appreciated.
Georgia: It was worthwhile because we were learning from others and it helped refresh our knowledge.
Akon:It was a great experience for the Juniors to learn more about photography from experts!
Siobhon:It was fun helping the Juniors because we were learning together.
Conor: It was a bit of a challenge as we had to work together to teach the little ones and we hadn't done that before.

Mrs Clark said...

Hi Juniour D,
This is a fantastic post that reminds us what Middle MY taught us about photography.
When they were mentoring you, what successful strategies did they employ to teach you?
Could you use some of these to teach someone else?
What would you like to learn next?

Dellas van der Heide said...

Dear Junior D
What a fun way to learn more about photograhpy! Sounds like the Middle MY students turned into great teachers! What did you take photo's of? Did they turn out okay or were they blurry? Did you zoom into anything really interesting, like a minibeast, and see all the great detail we wouldn't normally see?
Hope to hear from you soon
Dellas (Piers' Mum)

Junior D said...

Hi Mrs Coffa,
We were excited and amazed at the skills of Middle MY. They were able to teach us many things about taking a 'good' photograph.
Junior D

Junior D said...

Hi Mrs Kennedy and Prep K,
I think that a good teacher learns what they have to teach before teaching it. (Lachlan)
I think a good teacher needs to listen. (Jack)
I think a good teacher shows you how to do something. (Kitty)
The Middles taught us how to keep the camera still using chicken wings which helps us to take a 'good' photo. They also told us not to go too close to what we are photographing otherwise it will get blurry.
Junior D

Junior D said...

Hi Dellas,
We took photos of people, the playground, Mrs David's back, an ant colony, trees and buildings. Some photos were okay but a few were blurry. Angus zoomed in on an ant colony.
Thank you for writing to us on our blog.
Junior D

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